Package Protection Policy

By selecting Package Protection at checkout and paying an additional percentage of your order subtotal, your order will be protected from damage, loss, or theft. If your order never arrives or is damaged when it arrives, you can easily file a claim with our team and receive a replacement order.

If your package has been marked "delivered", yet you have not received it, please wait at least 3 days, but no longer than 15 days, after delivery confirmation to file a claim.   

  • For packages marked delivered, but still have not been received 3 days after delivery confirmation (and no longer than 15 days), we will issue you a replacement. 
  • For packages not marked delivered & presumed lost by the carrier, we will issue a replacement for the same item only
  • For damaged packages, we will issue you a replacement. 
  • We will not refund the cost of the item, only a direct replacement of the same exact item
  • We ask for your cooperation as needed for filing insurance claims, which may include photos, etc.
  • Note, if you entered the incorrect shipping address for your order, this disqualifies your package from shipping protection
  • Opening up a claim with your credit card processor voids this policy 

To file a claim, contact us at with your Order number, contact info, and a description of the problem, and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days. Please include photos of damaged items, if applicable. Please use subject line: "Package Protection Order ####"

If you declined Package Protection, and your package has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please contact the carrier directly to resolve. 

Package Protection does not cover shipments where shipment addresses were input incorrectly by the customer.